Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Most Eventful Week of My Life

So far this summer hasn't been dissappointing and I have done a lot of things, but this passed week tops it all. My goal this summer was to try and have as much fun as possibe, not that Bountiful isn't the most exciting place on earth, but I was a little worried that my summer would be really lame. So here are just a few of the fun and crazy things that have happened. I hope you enjoy!

A few weeks ago some friends of mine visited that I worked with at Camp Lochearn in Vermont last summer. That was amazing. It was so much fun, and I will admit that it kind of made me want to go back to Vermont. It was cool to get to play tourist in my own state for a little bit, and it made me realize that there are a lot of things to do here, and that I really like living in Utah.

Anyways. On to my crazy week. Well first of all my #4 niece was born on Memorial Day, her name is Lucy Cameron Miller, but you all probably know that since the only people who read this are members of my family. That alone was super exciting. She is so perfect and little, and beautiful. I am one lucky aunt. The next awesome thing that happened was that I got to meet MATT COSTA! Ok, so for those of you that don't know who Matt Costa is, you should get to know him, well at least his music. Check out his website here at mattcosta.com. He is one of my favorite artists and I had been planning on going to his concert for like two months. So the day finally came and I had been bugging my co-workers about how excited I was for it. That day at lunch, a boy I work with named Layne asked if I wanted to meet Matt, and I was like, heck yes I do. It turns out that he had won free tickets to the End Zone (101.9 radio station's private performance thingy) and he asked if I wanted to go with him. It was so awesome. I got to meet Matt, and hear him sing some sweet songs, and I got two free tickets to the concert that I gave to my friends ( since I already had my ticket). So that night I went to the concert and he was amazing. It only made me like Matt Costa's music even more. It was the best day of the summer so far.

Sorry this is so long, but there is one more event from last week. On Thursday there were some exciting happenings, but not quite in the same genre of excitement as my niece or Matt Costa. To sum it up, I pretty much almost died. To make a long story short, while me and my co-workers were planting a flowerbed, a girl drove off the road and slammed right into our trucks and if our trucks hadn't of been there she could have plowed right into all of us who were in the flower bed. It was a pretty big wreck and there were cop cars, and ambulences everywhere, but thankfully none of us were hurt. Firemen had to use the jaws of life to get the girl who was driving out of her car, but we are pretty sure that she is fine, her car was just so smashed that they couldn't get her out. It was a crazy freak accident, and I have no idea how she ran off the road, but we think it involved the use of her cell phone somehow. That is the second time I have seen a driver just drive off the road for no apparent reason. It was really pretty sad because the truck that she ran into was my favorite. Jimmy, may you rest in peace (Rachel will understand my sorrow), but really if you think about it that truck pretty much saved our lives, so at least he went out on top. I am just glad that everyone was ok (everyone but Jimmy), because it could have ended a lot worse than it did. So the moral of the story is, wear your seatbelt because it really will save your life (it saved this girl's life) and don't text while driving, because you may run into a flowerbed.

So that was my crazy exciting week. Definitely worth blogging about. I wonder what adventures will happen in the rest of the summer. I am going camping this weekend in Moab, and maybe something exciting will happen there. Who knows, just as long as no teenage girls drive their cars at me anymore...