Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What do you say to a four year old?

Recently I watched Snow White with my four year old niece Izzy. Now Snow White is a Disney classic that every child must see. However it also was made back in 1937 and is not quite up to date to the sensitivity of the modern child. At the end when the wicked queen is planning to tempt Snow White with the poison apple she comes across two creepy vultures. Izzy asks me, "why do those birds look so happy?" What do you say to a four year old? Well Izzy they are excited that someone is going to die because vultures like to eat dead things. Uh no, so we settled that they just didn't like the queen and they knew she was going to die. When the queen finally does fall to her death in a dramatic scene on a high cliff with dark clouds and lightening, the vultures swoop down after the queen. "Why are they following her? Are they just happy she died?" asks Izzy. Um yeah I say. It reminds me of when I watched Mulan with Leah. That movie brought up ancient china, cross dressing, and why boys in China had long hair, etc. Come on Disney, keep it together.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Going Backwards

Sometimes it feels like I am just going backwards in life. I feel this because I moved back home, I am going back to work at the city, going back to USU, I am going back to my old roommates, etc etc. So all of this going back makes me feel like I am literally going backwards in life. Oh well, maybe I should take a lesson from my future teaching subject of history and see that sometimes you have to take a step back to get moving forward.

In more exciting news I am a new aunt, again, and again! Matt and Debi had little Jane and Rebekah and Sean had little Olive. Two nieces in one week! I love them both so much. I could just hold them and watch them for hours. Our family is so blessed with amazing girls :)