Thursday, February 7, 2008

I guess I was tagged, sooo

Rach tagged me so....
Attached or single- pretty single
Best Friend- Torrie, we are pretty much like a married couple, or the entire apartment of A2.
Cake or Pie- depends on what it is. If its really good pie, then pie, but if its really good cake, then cake.
Day of Choice- October 12, or June 12. And I really like Thursdays, and Fridays.
Essential Item- chapstick and clothes.
Gummy bears or worms- Worms, the red and white ones.
Hometown- Bountiful, UT
Indulgences- Popsicles, and Rootbeer
January or July- July for sure. I can think of nothing worse than going through January again.
Kids- No kids, but sometimes I feel like the mother of my apartment.
Life is incomplete without- Laughter and love
.Marriage date- Still yet to happen
Number of Siblings- 3 sisters and 1 brother
Oranges or Apples- Oranges. I really wish I had an orange right now.
Phobias or fears- Brain Tumors, Shingles, Rickets.
Quotes- "People are always saying change is a good thing, but all they are really saying is something you really didn't want to happen, has happened." -You've Got Mail.
Reason to smile- When I feel like I have finally finished something, like a paper. Or just being able to relax.
Season- I love Fall, but right now I am becoming partial to Spring.
Tag two-I don't really have anyone to tag, since everyone has already been chosen.
Unknown fact about me- I like ferrets, they have a cool attitude.
Vacation spot of your choice- England, Italy, Southern California, Singapore, Australia.
Worst habit- my unhealthy addiction to chapstick, popping my nuckles, procrastination.
x-ray or ultrasound- probably x-ray since I have never had an ultrasound.
Your favorite food- Foods starting with the letter P. Pickles, Pineapple, Popcorn, pizza, poppyseed bread, potatoes, and also bbq chicken
Zodiac- capricorn

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A few friendly observations

Some would say I am a very observant person, and I would have to agree with them. A few weeks ago I observed a girl walking across campus in a flimsy shirt and no coat. This came to a suprise to me because for those who have been to Logan lately would understand that there is a deathly chill that rattles the bones in the air. Recently I have observed that many people aren't wearing coats. This seems like irrational behavior to me. Why oh why do people not wear coats. Just looking at their numb arms makes me cold? Lately I have been wearing two coats because it is so cold that if I don't, I am in pain from walking in the cold and dismal weather. Maybe I should give those coatless people one of my own? But probably not.