Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The glass is half full

As I was sitting waiting for my class to start today, a fellow student came in and asked how my day was. I said it had been okay and then naturally asked how his had been. He told me that he was having the best day ever. He went through his whole day and told me all the reasons why he was having such a great day. Nothing that happened to him today was really that outstanding, but his amazingly positive attitude made it all seem so perfect. He then apologized to me for having to listen about his day, but I said I said there was no reason for apologies. I told him that his optimism had rubbed off on me, and I have been in a pretty good mood ever since. What if everyone had the same outlook as my classmate? Just a thought...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Day Ever

I had the best day of my life, so I figure its worth blogging about. So I woke up on a crisp Tuesday morning with the sun shinging through my window. I got to sleep in until a wonderful 9:30 am. Then at approximately 10:00 am, my phone rang. "Who could this be" I thought. As I checked the number it was one I didn't recognize. I answered, it "Hello", when all of the sudden I got the best news ever. It was Orrin Hatch's office offering me an internship for this Fall. YES! I accepted the offer right away. After recieving this wonderful news, I proceeded to live one of the best days ever. Since this was a Tuesday, I didn't have class all day. I took a little walk outside and then leisurely read the whole day. (I am reading 1984, which is a pretty interesting book). Then I went and taught an SI session, which went relatively well. After my SI I had the pleasure of meeting my friends at Pizza Plus and finished the night off re-living my childhood by watching The Land Before Time. Overall it was a fantastic stress free wonderful day.
Really it was mostly the internship that made the day so good. I had thought that I wanted a summer internship, but after visiting DC for Spring Break (which was really great) I realized how expensive it was going to be to live there. So now I can work and save money, spend time with the family, and just enjoy the summer. Also there is another big reason why being home for the summer is so great, because my roommate Abby is engaged! Holy cow! It happened pretty fast, but we are all really excited. The greatest part is that she is engaged to David, one of the Pizza Plus boys (please refer to December's blog about my Pizza Plus experience). Ha ha, it's so great. So Abby and David are getting married at the end of July and now I get to go to their wedding extravaganza stuff. Well, this blog is long enough. Oh, also Tuesday was St. Patrick's day. So maybe that had to do with all my luck... Basically life is great, and that's that.

A really great picture of Abby trying to be a boy:

This is David. He doesn't actually wear these glasses, but I think he should...

They are in love :)