Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have noticed something about birthdays lately. For some reason many people in this world have decided that liking their own birthday is an unacceptable notion. It's like saying you are excited for your birthday makes you selfish, or conceded even. Well my friends, I am not afraid to say that I like my birthday. Is it so wrong to enjoy celebrating another year of your life? I don't think so. Maybe it is because my birthday also falls on the holiday that the rest of the world celebrates as well, but maybe it is just because birthdays are awesome. It isn't because I want people to buy me presents or treat me special, I just like my birthday. I get to spend time with all the people I like and do fun things, what is so bad about that? I haven't exactly decided what I will do for my birthday this year, and maybe I won't do anything out of the ordinary, but no matter what, I will like it, and I am not afraid to admit it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GIS Master

I just wanted to share in the wonderful and exciting news that I am done with my GIS class. Who thought I would ever know what it meant to spatially anaylze something, project coordinate systems, and run geoprocessing tools on data? Just call me a map making fool.

Thursday, December 9, 2010 holiday card promotion

My sister, Bethany, let me know about a great promotion Shutterfly is running for bloggers.  She has made a lot of cute stuff on Shutterfly lately-her wedding album, a calendar for our family she gave everyone for Christmas, as well as all her photo printing needs.  Shutterfly is great because you can upload all your photos to their site and they store them for you all in one place so you can use the same photos for multiple projects. 

Anyway, our family just got some photos taken this last weekend because the whole family was together (now that Grant is born and Bethany and John were in town) so we are excited to get the photos back and use on our family Christmas cards this year.  Shutterfly has a great selection of cards, there are so many cute ones it is hard to make a choice.  Check out a few of my favorites:

To check out the full selection of cards go here.

If you want to participate in their promotion and receive 50 free cards go here.

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season so far-check out Shutterfly for last minute photo gift ideas.