Monday, October 13, 2008


Holy cow. It is already October. Fall is by far my favorite season. However, winter seems to be coming a little too soon because it snowed all weekend here in Logan. Its ok though, I am hoping that it will warm up and I well get to bask in perfect fall weather for at least a week or two.
I would just like to announce that I have finally registered to vote. Some of you might be very alarmed by this because I am a political science major. But its true, I have never voted because I was never registered to vote. But I decided that I should do my civic duty and vote in the next election. I'm not sure who I am going to vote for yet, and I don't think I will decide until I enter the voting booth. If you have any candidate preferences, feel free to try and persuade me.
On a completely different note, I was thinking about Christmas break lately and what I want to do for my birthday this year. Maybe its because me and my roommate listened to Christmas music as we got ready this morning, maybe it is because it snowed, or maybe it is just because I want to have the most rockin' birthday ever this year. Whatever the reason, I need some sweet ideas of what to do.
Another exciting thing that has happened is that my all time best friend Torrie got her mission call last Friday! Hooray! She is going to serve in the San Salvador, El Salvador West/Belize mission. I am way excited for her, but I will be really sad when she leaves.

Finally, I just want to let everyone know about my new favorite song. I don't even know what it is called, but is by a guy named Cameron McGill who I saw this summer at Kilby Court. I don't actually even like all of the band's music, but I really love a couple of songs. You should check it out here Well that's all for now, till next time...