Monday, March 7, 2011

Turning into a girl

I think the past week has made me more of a girly-girl than I ever experienced during Jr. High when these things typically happen. What has caused this change you might ask? Well it all started with a little Aggie coupon book that had a coupon for free Tanning at a salon called. The Rage. I have always been against tanning, but somehow let my roommates talk me into it. Perhaps it is because I have been in the land of eternal winter for the last 7 months and could use a good 10 minutes in a tube of artificial warmth. Plus it was completely free, so I would be foolish not to go right? Well I did, and now I am burnt like a lobster in places that have probably not seen the sun since I was a baby. And oh how it burns. I should have taken heed to the warning signs. Like when we asked about the different beds the words "even more intense lights, UV skin penetration, and deeper tan" were used. Oh well, I think I got rid of 6 summers worth of bad tan lines from working at the city. Will I go again? It is too soon to tell. On the other hand, I had a most positive girl experience that ironically was introduced to me by a boy. On Friday my friend Pete called me up and asked if I wanted to go get a facial with him, so I said why not? We went to the beauty school in Logan so it probably wasn't as supreme or up class as a facial could be, but let me tell you, that was some extreme relaxation. For those who don't know a facial is basically a face massage for about an hour with soothing music in the background. Pete and I both had glowing faces all day. In summary, don't go tanning, there is nothing natural about that bed of blue light. Facials on the other hand, I would highly recommend, just be prepared to be drowsy for the drive home.