Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to Blogging: An update on the life of Kayla Ruth Youngs

Well I have successfully gone an entire semester without blogging. To my defense I have written in another blog for school. I would give the link but it is very boring and there is not much worth reading. I feel like so much has happened since the summer and life has been a whirlwind of business. Since July I have started my last semester of classes at USU and I have been trying to not get drowned by all the things I have had to do to finish school and get ready for student teaching! Yes that's right, I am just one step away from being a real life teacher. I am super nervous about student teaching but I am so sick of school that I think I am ready. If everything works out I should be student teaching in Clearfield at a junior high. I am going to move home to save some money and I could not be more excited. I always like being close to my family. Well here are a few pictures of the last few months of life.

I went to Boston with Matt to help Bethany drive home. I love having all of our family in Utah again. It was quite the experience to drive accross the country and I would maybe do it again but with more than 3 days to drive. But it was really fun to get to see Boston and Chicago and to do it with my big brother and sister. Thanks to Bethany for letting me have that experience and for matt for driving late into the night!

Also, my very good friend got married to her now husband, Richard. I was able to go to the sealing at the temple and it was beautiful. She looked beautiful and I would just like to say that I helped her pick out her dress.

I also went to Idaho to visit my grandparents and introduce them to the person that has been occupying my time the most lately, Sam. The visit was so much fun. We ate a lot of good food, played a few games of quiddler, Sam fed horses for the first in his life, we went on a romantic country bike ride and got chased by a crazy dog, and showed Sam of the sites of Twin Falls. The trip as a whole was wonderful and I think that my grandparents really liked Sam and he really liked them, but who wouldn't love George and Ruth Haney?

Sam gave me this cute little pumpkin to celebrate Halloween and wrote this on the back,

This past weekend we went to see one of my favorite artists Rachael Yamagata. I had made Sam listen to her before and he didn't really like her but he is so nice and agreed to come with me. To make it more fun for himself he decided to dress up like a soulful indie boy. In the end he just kind of looked like Where's Waldo. You know what though? He really liked the show. She played a lot of really great songs and is such a good live performer. After we went and got half priced sushi which was delicious. The whole night was wonderful and amazing.

Well blogger world and the two people who actually read this blog, until next time (which will hopefully be sooner than later).