Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pre-mature Halloween Excitement

I get excited for Halloween about 5 times a year. Right after Christmas, when summer starts, after the 4th of July, when summer ends, and when it is finally October. I'm not sure why I love this holiday so much, but I get so excited for it. It's probably because I just love the time of year so much. October is my favorite month, and I wait for it all year and now it is only 2 days away! Today the weather was so crisp and nice outside. I love it.

My one problem is that being out here in DC has caused a significant hinderance on my availability on a Halloween costume. I need something to wear, but have nothing. I also need ideas. What should I be? The more suggestions the better. Also something that I can somehow find out here for cheap, or even for free...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jerry West: The only good thing about the Lakers.

I would just like to announce that I celebrated my one month anniversary of being in DC this week. Time has really flown, and yet I have so much time left here. It's bitter sweet really. This week has actually been pretty good, and I even met my first celebrity, Jerry West. However, had I seen him on the street I never would have known that he was anyone special. Apparently he is in the top 50 NBA Hall of Fame and played for the Lakers back in the day, and at one point even owned the team. So yeah. He was a super nice guy. We even got to talk with him for a while and got to walk with him back to our office. So there you go. You never know who you are going to meet. This week I also went to my first Major Leage Baseball game. The Nationals played the Dodgers, and it was actually a close game, even though the Nationals are ranked as the 2nd worse team this year. Finally, I would like to say that I felt like a true DC local when during my daily commute I said aloud, "Come on people, walk left stand right" when people were blocking the walking side of the escalator. I think I need to get back to Utah soon...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The District

So basically I went the entire summer without writing any blogs, but now that I am quite a long distance away from all those I love I was thinking maybe I should start this up again. Maybe I didn't write because mostly just my family reads this and I was around them all summer, so they already knew what was happening in my life and didn't need this blog to keep up on my always exciting life. Just kidding.
Well here I am in "The District." Now that I have spent a good two weeks here I have quickly learned that if you call Washington D.C. by its full name, or even just simply D.C., you sound like a tourist. It is simply refered to as "The District" for those who are cool enough to reside locally. So far not much has happened while I have been here since Congress has not been in session, and I am still learning about the assortment of activities to participate in. This weekend I have experienced quite the hinderance in my social life since my metro stop and the two adjacent to it have been closed for the entire three day weekend. Yes the entire weekend. Since I am so poor as an insignificant intern, I must rely on the metro to move me around "The District." So here I am on a Saturday night in a new city writing a blog instead of hitting up the town.
I thought I might expound on the metro and all its glory. I have found that every day I have a unique and colorful experience on the metro. Sometimes its just the thrill of barely making it through the doors right before they almost snap one of you limbs off. Sometimes its the embarassment I get when I have gotten on the wrong train and have to quickly escape before I am carted off in the wrong direction. One gem of a moment included a little girl who seriously cried straight for a half an hour while her mother displayed some "quality" parenting skills by talking to her like she was a disobedient teenager. That was a good ride. However the one that tops them all was while waiting for the yellow line at Chinatown with my friend Ashley. We experienced what I have only seen in the movies. Before our yellow trian arrived, an infamous green line train pulled up to the platform only to be rushed by over a dozen police officers with guns drawn. Hmm, I thought to myself. Could I be in a potentially dangerous situation? Is there going to be shoot out or something? When after about 10 minutes of police raiding the train continued on its way passagengers and all like nothing had happened. Just another day in the District.