Friday, February 13, 2009

Wrap your mind around this.

My friend Robbie, said that phrase to me, and I have decided that I really like it. "Wrap your mind around this, the Grand Canyon," was the actual phrase he used in regards to ideas for Spring break. I don't know why, but it made me laugh, therefore making me wish more people used it more often. So speaking of Spring break, I am going to DC again. Hooray. It was kind of a random decision but when my friend Fish said she wanted to go, and I have a free place to stay, and $200 round trip tickets, and approval from Mom, I said to myself, Yes! Why not go to DC? I am young and have almost not commitments to anything in life. Also, i figure, this is a graduation present to myself. So yeah. The past two weeks have been full of random suprises. Deciding to go to DC was one of them. My roommate Abby officially has a real boyfriend (which is big news). Yesterday my roommate Kelli decided to drive to Oakland with her sister for the 3 day weekend, which she has decided is the craziest thing she has ever done. I finally got a letter from Andrew (those of you who know of this will understand the significance) and I also got a letter from Torrie. Finally, my only real class was cancelled twice this week, which is totally awesome. Well now I will end this random blog so I can head home to spend a good 3 day weekend at home with the family. But before I end this, I will leave you with a good cartoon, I think its appropriate since I went to the dentist this week. Oh by the way, sorry Rebekah, but my teeth aren't sensitive after I got my fillings. Your husband is a lawer, you should sue him. Ha ha, just kidding. Well, have a Happy Friday!