Thursday, December 15, 2011

December is here, school is out, and I am about to turn 25.

I have decided that the older I get the faster time goes. I cannot believe it is already December but I am more excited than ever because I feel like I have long anticipated this month. Why might you ask? Well let me tell you. First of all, Christmas is in December. I love Christmas and all of its magic, good food, family gatherings, and twinkling lights. I love it. This month also marks the official end of my having to take regular college classes. I am technically still in school but I am done with classes which is amazing! This December also means it is my birthday. This is a little bittersweet. I am not ashamed to admit that I love my birthday. However, this year I am turing 25. That is 1/4 of the way to 100! Sometimes I feel like I have been 17 forever and so to realize that I am now in my mid-twenties is just weird. But I will get over it. The final reason for why I am so excited for December is pretty cheesy but I don't care. I am excited because I don't have to long distance date anymore. I get to see Sam everyday if I want. It has been less than a week and it is already amazing. I feel like I have been waiting for that from the day I moved up to Logan and I made it! So yay for me.

In other news I have my student teaching placement! I feel like when I read the e-mail it was like opening a mission call, okay not exactly but that's what I felt like. I am student teaching at North Ridge High School. I am going to be teaching World Civ and U.S. History. I am super nervous but mostly excited. I can't wait to get started!

So I have to describe my wonderful last weekend in Logan. The only unfortunate thing is that I did not take one picture. Oh well. Sam came up on Friday and we just had a relaxing night and went to Torrie and Matt's and watched Harry Potter 7 part 2. On Saturday we drove to Brigham City to eat at Maddox. Sam has never been there and lets just say he was not dissappointed because it was delicious and it made me full for the rest of the day. After a nice little nap we headed up to Maple Grove hot springs with Torrie and Matt and soaked away all our troubles for about two hours, laughed at some crazy drunk people, and just had a good time. After we were so hungry that we decided to go eat at Angie's and of course I got my usual, the double decker combo with tater tots. On Sunday we had a wonderful time at church and again ate some delicious food (this is kind of a theme of the weekend). That night we played Nertz at our friend Katie and Spencer's apartment and we lost, but it was still fun. On Monday I took my very last final and Sam helped me move all my stuff. My wonderful roommate Emily was so nice and gave me this crazy snow hat and this really pretty journal. She is the best. After a very tired drive from Logan I am officially home. It was a pretty magical weekend and I can't wait for this magical Christmas break.


Rachel said...

yeah, I'm glad you had a magical weekend and that you are home! Yeah for no more school.

Mara and Jae said...

yay! i am excited about all of these awesome things for you kayla :) maybe now that you're back down here, you could grab that mr. sam of yours and hang out with jae and i? good plan. xo.

Kayla said...

Mara, I totally want to hang out! I feel like my life is going back to normal and I will have time to see people. I think it would be fun to get a bunch of the old gang together. Maybe a time that Torrie is in Bountiful and maybe we can even entice Petrice to come down. I would love it. But if not I would love to have it just be us too.

Petrice and Caleb Rose said...

It wouldn't take much enticing for me to want to come! I was bummed I couldn't go to the hot springs with you guys! I loved this post Kayla! So many awesome things (especially the one that you don't have to long distance date!!! YAY!!). You are great :)